Network launch party and photo exhibition 2015

Art for end fgm

Seeking artists/photographers for photo exhibition on the theme of building bridges to end female genital mutilation (FGM)

Deadline 2 november 2015

The End FGM European Network is a European umbrella organisation set up by 11 national NGOs to ensure sustainable European action to end female genital mutilation (FGM).

Our Vision

A world where women and girls are empowered and free from all forms of gender-based violence, in particular female genital mutilation, where their voices are heard, where they can enjoy their rights and make informed choices about their lives.

The Network was set up in May 2014 and took office in January 2015. As 2015 is the first full year of the Network’s existence, we will mark this with a launch event including a photography exhibition and street art on 2nd December 2015.

Photographers wanted!

We are looking for photographers to create a photo around the theme of Building Bridges to end FGM to display at a photo exhibition during the launch of the Network on December 2nd 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.

Nature of the artistic creation

The photograph you will create, alongside the actions and work of the Network, will together provide a new way of addressing FGM with a more positive, creative approach, which we hope will remind national and European decision makers of the promises they have made. If you can be creative in representing a human rights violation, they can also be creative in addressing these violations!

Hence we hope that the photograph that you create will not only offer a new representation of FGM, but also create a feeling of hope that FGM can be brought to an end and women and girls living with its lifelong consequences can be given the attention they deserve.

This is why we ensure that in our use of images and representation of the issue of FGM, we do not use gruesome images of blood or bloodied instruments, or images of children being subjected to the practice to preserve their dignity. This is an attempt to not only make sure that we show a hopeful way of ending FGM, but also to avoid stigmatising communities. We are sure that the photographs you will create will respect the dignity of the women, girls and communities affected by FGM.

Theme: Building Bridges to end FGM

Female genital mutilation is a global issue affecting communities across the world. The practice has to be tackled in its global context if we are to bring it to an end. The Network positions itself as the European focal point in the global movement to end FGM.

The theme of the photograph on FGM is building bridges to end FGM. The network defines building bridges as creating, sharing and coordinating actions to end FGM across the globe together.

The Network sees such coordination and the role that Europe can play in ending FGM globally as essential:

  • Creating links between professionals working in different sectors (such as health, justice, education, asylum and media) to provide specialist support to those affected by FGM;
  • Fostering understanding between these professionals and the communities affected by FGM;
  • Sharing experience and knowledge between diaspora communities living across the globe and countries of origin affected by FGM.


With your creative talent and generosity, we hope to launch and exhibit your photographs in the heart of Europe. We will cooperate with communities affected by FGM who are speaking out against the practice and our national member organisations in ten countries across Europe to launch and exhibit the photographs.

The aim of the photograph exhibition during the Network launch event is to get high level decision makers to maintain the momentum on FGM, to take action on the promises they have made and protect women and girls at risk of FGM in Europe and beyond.

The launch is planned in Brussels on 2nd December in the EU quarter, where we will exhibit the work of photographers from around Europe to represent the diversity of artistic voices asking high level decision makers to be creative in their solutions to address the issue of FGM.

For the exhibition, we will take the artists’ guidance and ensure any written material on the photograph and your profile reflects your vision.
We are asking you to create a photograph around this theme and submit it via email in high definition format (jpeg) to Natalie Kontoulis by 2nd November 2015. Please include a description (minimum: one paragraph of five lines/maximum: three paragraphs) describing your inspiration behind your photographic creation.

A selection panel made up by the staff and Board of the Network will choose one photo from one photographer from each country to be displayed on 2nd December in a public space around the EU quarter. We will announce the final list of chosen photographs on 9th November 2015. The photographers will be invited alongside decision makers to attend the launch and photography exhibition on 2nd December. The Network will cover the costs of travel and accommodation for artists and photographers invited to the launch.

For more information and for terms of reference, please contact:

Natalie Kontoulis
Network Coordinator (interim)

END FGM European Network
Mundo B
Rue d’Edimbourg 26
Brussels 1050

T: +32 2 893 09 02