TAMA is an organisation based in Malta, whose aim is to engage in the reduction of social inequalities by providing services and support to people finding themselves in vulnerable situations. They are part of the UNHCR-funded social media campaign to raise awareness about the experiences of FGM and its legal status in Malta, while also engaging in advocacy at a community level since 2021 for increasing knowledge regarding FGM and hosting informative sessions on key issues related to it.

TAMA is undertaking training and awareness-raising activities with education personnel in schools, while simultaneously contributing to quantitative data-collection to understand the narrative behind FGM and those who engage in this practice, with the purpose of constructing a more community-based, tailored approach to Malta’s needs. To this end, TAMA uses a Survivor-centric approach and tries to bring together the expertise of those affected by FGM. Two of the organisation’s representatives are specialised directly in FGM, having had a history of anti-FGM legal and political activism in their country of origin and having studied it at the academic level.

Since being founded, TAMA has approached the issue of FGM systematically. The organisation supported one Survivor, whose experience escaping a situation of risk has sparked the first case on FGM being brought before the legal courts of Malta.