We Speak Out

We Speak Out
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We will strive to work for the rights of Bohra women in all spheres of life. Specifically, on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)/Khafz, we all agree that the practice has no place in our lives and want it banned.

We were all drawn together on this platform because:

  • we never spoke out earlier
  • we were taught not to question matters of Religion, Tradition, Culture
  • our sexuality, our emotions, our desires, our pains, our traumas are suppressed
  • we should have control over our bodies, our sexuality, our lives
  • we believe that we matter, we count and we make a difference
  • we want change, we want an end to practices which are harmful to us
  • we are humans and our human rights matter
  • no one has any right to harm us, hurt us, cause us any pain, physical or psychological
  • we believe we will, and we can, change the world