Union of Families Association - UNAF

UNAF (Union of Families Association) is a platform of NGO working for the defence and promotion of families’ rights and welfare since 1988, from an inclusive perspective of families’ diversity. Declared to be of“Public Utility” and a special consultative body of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), UNAF is made up of 22 organisations working in the field of families from a number of areas, such as health, education, social and gender equality, end of gender-based violence, etc.

UNAF is acknowledge as a leading organisation in the prevention of Female Genital Mutilation in Spain. We develop a sexual health promotion program aiming at fostering sexual and reproductive rights for migrant population that includes a specific project on Prevention and Intervention facing FGM. Our approach is based on human rights, gender equality, interculturality and community action.Project’s main activities comprise awareness raising and training workshops addressed to migrant population and health, education and social workers; collaboration with cultural mediators; production of manuals, awareness-raising publications and other resources; communication; advocacy and networking. Yearly, each 6th of February, UNAF holds an International Conference against FGM. We have an international projection, willing to foster collaboration with organizations and activists in countries of origin to develop coordinated strategies to end FGM.