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Diotima Centre is a women’s, non-profit organization established in 1989 on the initiative of an interdisciplinary group of women. A constant pursuit during our multiannual action is the highlight and confrontation of gender discrimination at all levels of social, political and economic life. Our vision is the defence of gender rights and our mission is the multifaceted support of women who have suffered gender-based violence and belong in socially vulnerable and excluded groups of women (unemployed, single parents, low-income women, refugees, immigrants). In addition, Diotima Centre aimed at promoting a world of gender equality and justice implements:

  • research and studies on gender issues and gender-based violence
  • training groups of professionals regarding gender-based violence.
  • advocacy actions
  • informative and awareness-raising campaigns
  • awareness-raising actions
  • awareness-raising workshops for male refuges for the identification of gender stereotypes