Who are they?

Created in 2018, the Inter-Regional Coalition to end Female Genital Mutilation is a coalition of regional networks working to end FGM.

Its main objective is to enable better coordination among different regional networks working on FGM:

  • Fostering joint actions;
  • Sharing promising practices across regions;
  • Providing a space to discuss common trends and regional specificities, to influence regional bodies and decision-makers to shape global and regional policies to tackle FGM.

Current Projects

  • We have issued joint statements and open letters to global and regional leaders, ensuring that all regions of the world are held accountable for ending FGM and supporting Survivors.
  • We generally have a couple of joint meetings yearly to exchange experiences, challenges and solutions shared by regional networks.
  • We are currently in the process of expanding our geographical scope to cover all continents.

What we produced together