Our position

We advocate for a human rights based gender-, age- and culturally-sensitive Common European Asylum System.

We want FGM Survivors, women, girls and the families in fear of FGM, and human rights activists speaking out against FGM to receive:

  • Respectful treatment within the asylum process;
  • The right procedural guarantees;
  • Adequate reception conditions;
  • The international protection they are entitled to, without disparities among EU Member States.

What is the current status?

In 2016, after a couple of years of increased migration flows, which highlighted differences and tensions between EU Member States, the European Commission proposed a review of the Common European Asylum System with the aim of increasing homogeneity of standards around international protection across Europe.

The process is still ongoing, but so far FGM-affected women and girls are considered as asylum seekers with special needs, therefore entitled to special protection measures.

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