Call for a Consultant to support the development of a position paper on FGM, Racism and Intersectionality

Call for a Consultant to support the development of a position paper on FGM, Racism and Intersectionality

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To apply, please send your proposal electronically in English to by Wednesday 31 March.

In case of any queries, please address them to

1. End FGM EU Position Paper on FGM, Intersectionality & Racism

End FGM EU have functioning working groups on various topics, regarding ending FGM in Europe. A new working group will be formed this year on FGM, Intersectionality and Racism (including Islamophobia and anti-Migrant discrimination). As part of this group, End FGM EU members will create a short paper on the intersectionality of Female Genital Mutilation with a focus on Racist Discriminations and Violence. This paper will explore, through the lens of intersectionality, the impact of racism and other discrimination on the work to end FGM and support affected communities and Survivors. From such analysis, this paper will pull out concrete recommendations to ensure that Racism is properly addressed both when advocating against the practice and when preventing and responding to it.

More concretely, the objectives of the paper are to:

  • Present the diversity of people affected by FGM and/or working to put an end the practice in Europe and beyond.
  • Identify the added challenges created by Racism for activists, affected communities and Survivors of FGM.
  • Identify the specific needs created by these challenges in particular regarding access to information and resources.
  • Initiate an understanding of intersectionality as a lens and tool to effectively address these challenges and respond to these needs.
  • Initiate an exploration of other forms of discrimination which could be creating barriers.
  • Put forward concrete recommendations to EU institutions and other stakeholders within the movements against FGM to account for intersectional discrimination and in particular Racism in their work.
  • Develop an End FGM EU position statement on FGM, Intersectionality and Racism.

2. Delivrables

It is expected that the consultant will undertake the following tasks:

  1. Refine the definitions of concepts such as intersectionality, racism, islamophobia, anti-Migrant discrimination as they relate to FGM and agree upon them with members of the WG.
  2. Conduct research, including interviews with End FGM EU members, other actors of the anti-FGM movement and community members (such as our Ambassadors).
  3. Attend relevant WG meetings (around 3) to report to the members around the work conducted.
  4. Draft a position paper on FGM, Racism and Intersectionality (max 6 pages) including the following sections:
  5. Definition of concepts intersectionality, racism, islamophobia, anti-Migrant discrimination;
  6. Problematisation of those concepts as they relate to FGM in Europe (including quotes and testimonies gathered through short interviews);
  7. End FGM EU position statement on FGM, Racism and Intersectionality;
  8. Key recommendations.

3. Expected Timeframe

  • By mid-May: plan the research, finalise definitions and agree on next steps.
  • By mid-November: finalise the research with the support of End FGM EU and WG members.
  • By end-December: finalise the position paper.

The consultancy should start as soon as possible.

4. Submission of proposals

To be considered for this service, the applicant must:

  • Send an email with an expression of interest to Chiara Cosentino, Head of Policy and Advocacy (see email below).
  • Send their updated CV highlighting expertise in relevant research on issues of racism and intersectionality – knowledge of GBV would be an asset.
  • Indicate their rate/payment expectation for this consultancy.
  • (Optional) Provide any evidence of previous relevant research they have carried out (in English) around this issue.

The proposal is to be submitted electronically in English to by Wednesday 31 March 2021.