Call for a Consultant for the Development of two Animated Videos for the CHAIN Project Awareness Raising Campaign

Call for a Consultant for the Development of two Animated Videos for the CHAIN Project Awareness Raising Campaign

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To apply, please send your proposal electronically in English to by Friday, 11 December 2020.

In case of any queries, please address them to

1. The CHAIN Project

The CHAIN Project is an EU co-funded transnational project that aims to promote a multi-disciplinary cooperation to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Early and Forced Marriage (EFM), through an intervention that is aimed at bridging the gap between affected communities and relevant professionals through a chain approach.

2. The CHAIN Project Awareness Raising Campaign

During the implementation of the CHAIN project, an awareness-raising campaign including two animated videos, one on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and one on Early and Forced Marriage (EFM) targeting affected communities will be developed with a film-making agency.

  • The videos will be in English as well as four other languages (German, Italian, French and Spanish).
  • Subtitles for the video will be included in all the latter languages as well as in other non-EU languages to be identified by the consortium.

End FGM EU is in charge of developing the awareness raising campaign and the two videos and will be the point of contact for the agency regarding this project. The partners of the consortium and the community trainers from FGM and/or EFM affected communities will be part of the process in giving feedbacks on the storyboard and the videos.

3. Two Animated Videos: Purpose and scope

As the partner in charge of this campaign, End FGM EU is looking for a film-making agency to produce both videos. The videos will aim at raising awareness amongst affected communities on the consequences of both practices and why they should be given up. The animated videos will not be longer than 5 minutes, they will each transmit a powerful and convincing message through a storytelling style.

The videos will have as primary targets:

  • Affected communities of FGM and EFM.
  • Parents, families and community leaders who are practicing FGM and EFM.

The videos will also have as secondary targets:

  • Activists, policy makers and other actors who work on FGM and EFM.
  • Any person seeking information on FGM and EFM.

The animated video will use a non-stigmatising and empowering language and images.

4. Proposal submission

To be considered for this service, the applicant with the required profile shall submit the following documents in English:

  • Proposal to produce the videos including detailed budget and timeline;
  • Examples of similar previous work;
  • A link to their website or portfolio.

The proposal needs to be submitted electronically in English to Myriam Mhamedi,, by Friday, 11 December 2020.

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