​Excision, parlons en !’ s

Excision, parlons en !’ s vocation is to intensify the mobilization for abandonment of female genital mutilation by gathering actresses and actors of the civil society wishing to pool energies, efforts and resources to abandon FGM in France in Europe and worldwide. Specifically,Excision, parlons-en! is an umbrella association which federates associations and persons and acts as a platform offering them networking activities (debates and exchange of expertise and good practices ), advocacy, capacity building and dissemination of information on FGM. Since its official launch in 2013, Excision, parlonsExcision, far exceeded initial projections : originally launched by three associations, associations, associations, it now brings together around 45 members (18 associations and 27 persons: journalists, lawyers, activists, associations and 27 persons: journalists, lawyers, activists, doctors).

Excision, parlons-en! strongly believes that the best way to abandon FGM worldwide is to build bridges between the countries and associations, to work altogether and to share experience and good practices; then it seems natural to keep on making alliances and to join a bigger umbrella association such as End FGM.