VACANCY: Consultancy to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for End FGM European Network Strategic plan 2018-2022

End FGM European Network

The End FGM European Network (End FGM EU) is an umbrella network of 20 national organisations working in 12 European countries and who are expert on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). End FGM EU operates as a meeting ground for communities, civil society organisations, decision-makers and other relevant actors at European level to interact, cooperate and join forces to end all forms of FGM in Europe and beyond. We put at the heart of our work grassroots voices to influence European governments and policy-makers to work towards the elimination of FGM. We build our members’ capacity, offer spaces to share expertise and develop partnerships.

While being dedicated to being the driving force of the European movement to end FGM, we are equally committed to build bridges and cooperation with all relevant actors in the field of FGM both in Europe and globally. In this sense, we actively promote and foster cooperation between the European movement and movements in other regions of the world

The team currently consists of four full-time staff and an intern. End FGM EU is funded by an operating grant from the European Commission, membership fees, grants from Wallace Global Fund and Sigrid Rausing Trust.

Purpose and scope of service

The overall objective of the assignment is the development of a 4-year monitoring and evaluation framework for the new strategic plan. The purpose is to provide the Secretariat and membership with tools to effectively monitor progress and achievement against outcomes, and to provide mid-term and end-of programme evaluations with sufficient information to assess the Strategic plan’s success.

Description of Service

The consultancy aims at developing an M&E framework and operational system for the strategic plan in close collaboration with the End FGM EU board, secretariat and the members. The Consultant will define M&E needs and establish necessary practical procedures and measures to operationalize M&E. The consultant is expected to design a practical M&E system with regards to the following key aspects:

1. What needs to be measured at outcome level?

2. What is the most appropriate source of information?

3. How best to engage members in information collection?

4. How often to collect the information and when?

5. How to store and analyse data?

The consultant will be required to develop a plan with a clear timeframe in consultation with End FGM EU Secretariat

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