Call for Consultant to develop an organisational capacity assessment tool for End FGM European Network members

End FGM EU is looking for a consultant to strengthen the Network’s understanding of the capacity of its members to inform capacity development plans, tailor specific support and be able to track changes over time.

The End FGM European Network is designing and rolling out a specific capacity building programme which focuses on understanding, and subsequently strengthening, the organisational capacity of 8-10 members. The overall objective of the programme is to strengthen the capacity and organisation effectiveness of End FGM EU members to enable them to be more effective in:

- Delivering on their objectives and mission;

- Supporting a European movement to end FGM by feeding experiences and expertise into the Network and utilising the outcomes of our collective work at national level.

As an initial exercise, the Network will assist the members in mapping their organisational capacity including areas of strengths and weaknesses by developing a tool specific to their needs.

To read the full terms for reference including all expected deliverables, timeframe, eligibility criteria and submission details please click here.

Proposals must be submitted electronically in English to by 7th September 2018.