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Sweden - Kvinnointegritet (Female Integrity)


Female Integrity was officially established in Uppsala, Sweden in 1995 to campaign against harmful practices carried out on women, in particular female genital mutilation.

The association campaigns for ending the practice of FGM by raising awareness of the injurious affects of the practice through information and education. Together with the Ethiopian Women's Association in Uppsala, Female Integrity participates in national and international seminars where the progress of their campaign against FGM is discussed and updated and future strategy is mapped out.

As a branch of RISK, Sweden’s national association to end FGM, Female Integrity works in cooperation with other branch associations. It also works with other human rights organisations in the country.

Female Integrity has undertaken the task of translating international conventions and national laws relevant to FGM into the Amharic language (spoken by Ethiopians) and plans to translate into other African languages.

Latest News
Candidate MEPs pledge to act to end FGM
Candidate MEPs pledge to act to end FGM
149 candidate MEPs from across Europe have already signed the pledge launched by the END FGM European Campaign, calling on future members of the European Parliament to act to end FGM and to build on the work already done in this area, ensuring continuity in the demands and concerns raised by the European Parliament [...]
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